Presheva Albanians request from Kurti to be part of the dialogue

The chairman of the Albanian National Council in the Presheva Valley Ragmi Mustafi, commented on the meeting between the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels.

One of the proposals that Kurti made at the meeting with Vucic was that after mutual recognition, Serbs in Kosovo can have their National Council as Albanians and Bosniaks in Serbia do.
Mustafi stated that the strength of the Albanian National Council is very weak, and they are constantly discriminated against.
"In Serbia, there are 24 national minority councils as part of the Convention on the Rights of Minorities. Within the legal framework, it is ensured that they have power in areas such as education, culture, information, the use of minority languages and writing as well as national symbols."
"Today we are banned by law to use our flag, and we do not have any books in Albanian in high schools. We have a lack of funding on an Albanian television - we are constantly discriminated," Mustafi said.
He stressed that without the inclusion of the Presevo Valley, there will be no normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations.
"We will see how the dialogue will go and we have always wanted to be part of the dialogue because we have constantly asked for the advancement of the Albanians’ position in Serbia. We consider that this is the last opportunity to regulate the status of Albanians of the Valley".