EU, U.S. at Brussels Summit make commitment to Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

The European Union and the United States agreed today at the Brussels Summit that they will intensify the cooperation on several global issues, including joint engagement in the Western Balkans, which includes dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

The European Union and the United States said in a joint statement that the summit aimed to renew the Transatlantic Partnership and set a common transatlantic agenda for the post-pandemic era.
The two sides pledged to strengthen co-operation on many issues, such as the fight against the pandemic, climate change, relations with Russia, China, Iran, and a point of the statement refers to the Western Balkans.
“We intend to further strengthen our joint engagement in the Western Balkans, including through the EU-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on normalization of their relations, and by supporting key reforms for EU integration. We resolve to work hand-in-hand for sustainable de-escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean, where differences should be settled through dialogue in good faith and accordance with international law,” is written in their joint statement.