Kurti: The government will help reduce the gap between communities

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology this year for the first time will allocate a fund of 200 thousand euros for community-based civil society organizations that support the work of learning centers, said in a statement of the Office of the Prime Minister.

This year, in cooperation with international partners, scholarships have also been awarded to 596 high school students.
"There is a wide gap between Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian children on the one hand and other communities in terms of achievements in the field of education. This gap has increased even more during the pandemic, as the opportunities for children of Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities to attend online education have been more than limited," said Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in a meeting organized to raise funds for the construction of a new Community and Learning Center in Fushe Kosove.
"Learning centers like yours have contributed and will continue to contribute to reducing this gap, mobilizing the community's potential to help its members. But you will also have the government of the Republic of Kosovo on your side, which will not hesitate to support such initiatives," Kurti said.
The center, according to the Prime Minister's Office, aims to support about 300 children in education, expand knowledge, and become agents of positive change for their community.