Bus crash: Bodies of victims to arrive in Kosovo today

Minister of Health Arben Vitia and Minister of Interior Xhelal Svecla held a press conference yesterday at the Prishtina Airport to give an update on the arrangements for the return of the injured and victims of the Kosovo bush crash in Croatia that left 10 people dead.

Vitia said that 28 persons have been discharged from the hospital in the Croatian town of Slavonski Brod and that 15 continue to be treated while one is receiving care at a Zagreb clinic. At the same time, two of the injured are still in intensive care.

"One of them is in a critical condition while the other is stable and not in a life-threatening condition," he said. Of the discharged persons, four have decided to go to Germany for further treatment, Vitia continued.

Svecla meanwhile said that the bodies of the victims of the crash are expected to arrive in Kosovo this morning. "All formal procedures for the transport of the ten victims are completed and their bodies are on their way to Kosovo and I believe they will be arriving early morning."
The two ministers thanked the Croatian authorities for their prompt and unreserved response to the tragic accident.