PDK to elect new leadership today

The Steering Council of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) is expected to convene today at 16:00 hours, to elect the leadership of this party. They are also expected to elect vice-presidents and secretaries of the PDK.

According to the statute of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the Steering Council of this party has 150 elected members and a chairman, ex-office members, and one member from each country where they have branches in the diaspora.
In the statute of PDK, article 46 states “The Presidency consists of the chairman, 3 vice-chairmen, the general secretary, eight secretaries, and other members. The mandate of the Presidency is 4 years, as defined by this Statute "
Whereas in article 47 which talks about the way of electing the members of the presidency it is stated that “The members of the presidency are elected by the Steering Council. The members are nominated by the Chairman of the Party and voted in packages by the Steering Council. The election of the members of the Presidency is done by open voting unless the SC decides otherwise. Those candidates who have won the majority of votes are considered elected."