Kurti: Kosovo, North Macedonia governments’ meeting, a historic moment

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said today after the joint meetings of the governments of Kosovo and North Macedonia in Skopje, that the meeting marks a historic moment in the cooperation of the two countries.

“The joint meeting is an expression of the readiness to mark a new era of cooperation. Coordination, policies, and work on common projects will improve the lives of our people, and this is our obligation. We signed 11 agreements for different areas today. We had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Zaev before the meeting of the two governments. As countries with common objectives, we understand that the fight against crime and corruption is very important for our paths. Our new government has been built and stands firm on its path for justice,” he said.
North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said: “Although the meeting was held during a pandemic, it is a clear expression of the willingness for good neighborly relations. We have focused on the agreements and memorandums that facilitate the economic development of our countries. Kosovo is one of the most important partners of Macedonia”.
Zaev said his country supports the EU-facilitated talks between Kosovo and Serbia and that they support the right of Kosovars for visa liberalization.
Zaev also said that he and Kurti don’t share the same opinion about the Open Balkan initiative “but this does not hinder the bilateral cooperation between our countries. Kosovo is independent and it has its own positions”. 
Asked to comment on the Open Balkan, Kurti said: “We want more cooperation and implementation of agreements with North Macedonia. We are focused on the future and the future for us is the European Union. The EU is our destiny and the Republic of Kosovo supports regional initiatives that come from the European Union. Therefore, none of the agreements signed today can be impeded regardless of the differences that we may have.”