"Only one Kosovo archive and it`s among world’s most transparent ones"

Kosovo Assembly Speaker Glauk Konjufca said that there is no such thing as a KLA archive but that there is that of Kosovo which, he noted, is among the most transparent and accessible ones in the world.

In an interview with Klan Kosova, Konjufca said the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi on the opening of the archives was intentionally misconstrued.

"There are no KLA archives. There is the state archive of the Republic of Kosovo. This archive was built throughout the twenty years. UNMIK, EULEX, European Union, and the United States were here and I don't think there is a more open archive in the world than that of Kosovo." "The state archives of 20 years also include the years 98/99 with the glorious war of the KLA. There are recordings there. The state archive of Kosovo is open to everyone in the world, we have nothing to hide," he continued.

Konjufca also commented on his meeting with the EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajcak saying that he insisted on the dialogue not discussing independence and the territory of Kosovo since, as he said, Lajcak has in the past made statements that have harmed the interest of Kosovo. "Statements which included messages that he made regarding the framework of the agreement which, according to him, does not exclude the possibility of affecting the Constitution of Kosovo I think are very harmful. The Prime Minister, the President, and other officials, such as Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi, who is leading Kosovo's teams in dialogue with Serbia, have also made it clear to Lajcak that this approach is not welcome in Kosovo. If it is insisted that the final solution with Serbia will have the form of changing Kosovo itself from an institutionally constitutional point of view, this is very dangerous for us."
On the situation in the north of Kosovo, Konjufca said the Government of Kosovo should be preparing a plan to increase its presence there which he believed relevant institutions are already working on but that such arrangements are not worked out in public. He recognized that Serbia's parallel structures are still operating in the north but said these cannot be dissolved in six months. "I think that in terms of confrontation with the institutions of Serbia - the university, the government has been more cautious there, but in terms of fighting smuggling and organized think the activity has increased."