Musliu: "Sputnik", "Kosovo-Online" spreading fake news about KSF

In the continuation of spreading fake news about Kosovo, Sputnik Srbija has recently published a piece of fabricated news on the draft law on the KSF Military Police.

Agim Musliu, an expert on security issues, says that Kosovo's security institutions are the main target for a Russian attack.

"According to Sputnik's article, entitled 'New game between Pristina and West dangerous for Serbs: All international forces should be declared redundant,' the Russians want to increase international sentiment that Kosovo is turning badly on those countries that helped it in state-building ", Musliu says.

Although it is still in the phase of public consultations, which means that it can be changed, amended, or modified, the Draft Law on Military Police of the Kosovo Security Force is already being misinterpreted by Russian media and pro-Russian media in Kosovo, which is extracting false news from it.

According to Musliu, this message aims at deepening the Albanian-Serbian conflict and destabilize the region.

"Right after Sputnik in Serbia spreads the message, the Serbian media channel Kosovo-Online in Kosovo, as a repeater of Sputnik, continues to play an important role in disseminating false news and misinformation of the Kremlin. This makes it easier for Russia to spread media attacks," Musliu argues.

Sputnik Srbija bases all this claim only on the opinion of an analyst, Srdjan Perisic, who is said to be a professor of international law at the Institute for Asian Studies in Belgrade.

After Sputnik Srbija, the Serbian portal in Kosovo, Kosovo-Online, at 21:27, published a similar article, referring to the Russian media Sputnik Srbija. So far, the same article was published by another Serbian portal, Vesti Online.

In the draft law on the Military Police of the Kosovo Security Force, nowhere is it mentioned that the KSF will "arrest members of international missions in Kosovo", much less, nowhere is it mentioned that the KSF will "arrest members of KFOR, EULEX or UNMIK ”.

Furthermore, Article 7 (Authorizations) of this draft law states the following:

“MP exercises its powers in the barracks or in the areas of operation where the KSF operates, in the premises of the MoD, outside the barracks to the KSF and MoD personnel, as well as to persons who conflict with lawful orders. ”

Whereas, Article 13 (Arrest and detention) says the following:

"The Military Police arrest and detain a military or civilian per the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure."

As such, the allegations stemming from the Russian and pro-Russian media in Kosovo are intended to misinform and manipulate the public, and as such are considered fabricated or "Fake News".