Kurti: No date set for meeting Vucic

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti said today that there will be no meeting with the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic before 6 October which is when the EU-Western Balkans summit is scheduled to take place in Slovenia.

He said reciprocity towards Serbia is not an act of revenge but rather a concept that derives from equality as a value. 

“We want reciprocity so that Serbia lifts its barriers,” Kurti told reporters today but gave no date as to when such a move will be introduced. “You will most certainly be informed when we are ready to impose them.” 

He also spoke about the recent visit of the EU Special Representative for dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak. “Lajcak stayed for three days in Kosovo, unlike other times when he would only stay for an hour or a day. He had a series of meetings with different actors involved in the issue of dialogue. He has begun to understand in greater detail the socio-economic situation of Kosovo,” Kurti said.

He added that the issue of opening archives was not discussed in the meeting with Lajcak. “We did not discuss reciprocity but I did tell him that European leaders have received a letter from me concerning violations that Serbia is committing.” 

Kurti made the comments at a press conference where he announced that public university education will as of 1 October be free of charge for all students in Kosovo.