Çitaku: Kurti to not debate Washington deal

Vlora Citaku, deputy leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) said Prime Minister Albin Kurti should not be debating the Washington agreement with the U.S. administration but should instead insist on the U.S. appointing a special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Citaku argued that the U.S. should not be in the supporting role in the process of dialogue but a direct participant.

On the issue of opening of archives, Citaku said that Serbia has requested the opening of the KLA archives since the beginning of the dialogue process as an attempt to, as she said, equalize its criminal and genocidal policies with the liberation war of Kosovo. “Serbia has entrapped the Kosovo delegation and I now fear that Serbia will refuse to help to find and shedding light on the fate of missing persons saying ‘you are not helping us so we will not help you.”

Citaku said the Government of Kosovo has not been consistent when it comes to the dialogue with Serbia.  She added that she expects the government to come out with a ‘meaningful’ plan laying out the timeframe for the dialogue and providing assurances it will end in mutual recognition and also get the opposition’s support.