Rizvanolli: No decisions on gas pipeline without cost information

Kosovo’s Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, spoke at a press conference today about the Government of Kosovo considering the option of building a gas pipeline infrastructure. 

“We have been in continuous collaboration with partners, especially with the US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The MCC has allocated a grant of about $ 200 million that would be used for the partial construction of this infrastructure. MCC or any other organization would not finance the whole project, we are dealing with a bigger investment than that.”

“Recently there has been talking of American gas and one thing needs to be clarified that when we are talking about the building of the infrastructure, we are not referring to the American gas or to that of any other country but simply about the infrastructure. In this case, the most studied option is the building of the infrastructure of the gas pipeline that Kosovo would have access to through North Macedonia to the natural gas market in Greece. This would be followed by the construction of a gas plant.”

Rizvanolli underlined that nothing would be decided without knowing the exact cost of such a project. “We need to know the total cost, who would finance it, how much loan we as a country would need to take, who would build the plant…”