Kamberi: Decision on license plates is just

Shaip Kamberi, Albanian MP in Serbia`s Assembly, said that the decision of the Government of Kosovo on license plates is just and noted that even the EU underlined the failure of Serbia to implement the agreement on free movement with Kosovo in its progress report.

"I hope this decision has been agreed beforehand with international friends. I hope that the government is aware of the responsibility it has taken, that Serbia is looking forward to increasing tensions to prove that Kosovo is the one that is destabilizing relations between the two countries, but also relations in the Balkans as a whole. In this regard, I believe and hope that the government has held consultations with international actors and informed them promptly about the measures it has taken," Kamberi said.
"What for us is an additional concern for the residents of the Presheva Valley is that I believe that this will complicate the free movement of people. Because I do not know how prepared the relevant ministry is regarding the administrative procedures for not creating ques at the border. Otherwise, I hope that the public promise will be kept that the citizens of the Presheva Valley will be compensated for all payments made as part of this measure," he continued.