Kurti: Police operation targeted fight against crime and smuggling

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, has reacted after the Kosovo Police (KP) state-wide anti-smuggling operation. Kurti urged for restraint in Mitrovica North, announcing that the Kosovo Police operation has ended.

The police launched Wednesday morning an operation against smuggling activities in Pristina, Peja, Mitrovica South, and North.

Prime Minister Kurti in a Facebook post said the police operations have been launched after intensive investigation and were carried out in coordination with respective prosecution offices. According to Kurti during this operation have been sequestered smuggled goods. Commenting on the protest of local Serbs who attacked the Kosovo Police during today’s operation, Kurti wrote: “Crime and criminal groups will be fought and not be tolerated. We will fight and prevent smuggling activities. Today’s police action has ended. I call on citizens of Mitrovica North to not fall prey of some Serbian media who defend crime, corruption, and smuggling and want to politicize the case.”