It`s official: Challandes no longer Kosovo`s coach

The 70-year-old Neuchâtelois was sacked after two straight defeats, including one at home against Georgia on Tuesday (1-2).

This dismissal was formalized by the president of the Kosovar Football Federation Agim Ademi, during an urgent press conference  Wednesday early afternoon. 

"We had to put an end to our collaboration (with Challandes) ", he confirmed.

Challandes had been at the head of Kosovo since March 2, 2018.

In all, he led the Kosovar side on 37 occasions, for a positive record of 16 wins, 8 draws, and 13 defeats (average: 1.51 points per game).

Bernard Challandes did not hide his disappointment after learning of the decision of his now ex-leaders. 

"The initial goal was to build a real and good team," he said. “ I was happy with this work and proud of the road we have accomplished. I had a lot of fun working with this team, which is why it saddens me to have to leave. But I thank everyone for their cooperation, from the managers to the players to the staff. " Challandes added: “I know the coach has to have results and the pressure from the state has not been easy for the Federation to manage. The results might have been important (for the leaders), but for me, it was essential to create a team. However, I think we have managed to play good football. I hope to return to see Kosovo matches in the future. We have already taken the first step, and the second will not be easy. But I hope that Kosovo will succeed because I feel a little Kosovar. ”