“Borrell cannot act like a police commander in Kosovo”

Kosovo’s former Foreign Minister, Skender Hyseni, said today that EU High Representative Josep Borrell’s remarks against the Kosovo Police anti-smuggling operation are senseless.

“The key question is whether Borrell has the credibility to be an impartial mediator in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. After his statement yesterday, this dilemma becomes even bigger. The question however should be asked by President Biden, President Macron, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Johnson, and senior EU officials, because Kosovo doesn’t have the power of influence or decision-making on this matter,” he said. 

Hyseni further argued that Borrell cannot act as a police commander or prosecutor in Kosovo.

“By siding with crime with his statement yesterday, Borrell violated one of the fundamental values of the European Union for law and order. He must know that law enforcement authorities in Kosovo are sovereign and they don’t need anyone’s approval to combat crime in their territory, let alone Serbia’s approval which is the main sponsor of criminality in that part of our country,” he said.