CDHRF reacts to Borrell for remarks on Kosovo Police operation

The Kosovo-based Council for Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) has reacted to the statement of the EU High Representative Josep Borrell on the recent police operation which led to protests in the north of Kosovo.

CDHRF said Kosovo has been denied visa-free travel to Europe on the justification that it was not doing enough to fight crime and corruption and when its authorities take an action to combat these, which led to the arrest of 9 Albanians, 1 Serb and 1 Bosniak, “Borrell equalizes the legal right and obligation of the Kosovo Police to fight organized crime with suspects and those arrested for organized crime.” CDHRF said such an approach on the part of the EU in any normal country would be considered ‘scandalous’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘biased’.

“The north of Kosovo, since the end of the war, has become a ‘promised land’ for organized crime where criminals of all ethnicities coexisted and interacted unhindered, and who in many cases had the support and protection of politics and powerful politicians of all ethnicities,” CDHRF said.

It noted that the Kosovo Police operation was fully in line with the law. “CDHRF is against the application of double standards in the fight against organized crime as requested by Borrell who even before was not known for the virtue of impartiality and objectivity.”