Kurti: Kosovo has never marked bigger economic growth

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said today that the Kosovo economy has never experienced more economic growth than this year.

During the presentation of some measures stemming from the Economic Revival Package, together with the Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers Hekuran Murati, Kurti said that economic activity has increased by 30 percent, exports have also increased as he said by 60, and budget revenues by an increase of 34 percent.

Minister Murati said that measures 2.1 for Investment Credit Subsidy and measure 2.4 for export support, is a package aimed at supporting local producers.

“The economic consequences of the pandemic that are being followed by price fluctuations highlight two factors. As a result of the breakdown of supply chains, many European countries are seeing the country closest to them as potential exporters and the need to increase domestic production is emphasized. The pandemic proved to us that local production has a key role in the economy,” Kurti said.