Nonrecognition warnings- MFA accuses Serbia of violation of agreement

In September of this year, the moratorium signed in Washington where Serbia pledged to stop the campaign for the unrecognition of Kosovo’s independence, while the latter would stop the efforts for membership in international organizations, expired.

With the expiration of this agreement, Serbia has started with its diplomatic warnings for the campaign for unrecognition of Kosovo’s statehood.

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic told Serbian media that ten countries are ready to reconsider decisions on the recognition of Kosovo.

Asked by Telegrafi news portal about these warnings from the Serbian side, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora said that Serbia has never stopped the attacks on Kosovo and has not adhered to the agreements.

“Unfortunately, Serbia has never stopped the attacks on Kosovo and has continuously worked towards weakening Kosovo’s position in the international arena. It has not complied with the agreements either and officials of this state have publicly called for the de-recognition of Kosovo,” it is said in the response of the MFA.

The Foreign Ministry further stated that the government is working hard to strengthen international subjectivity.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is very committed and working every day very seriously to strengthen the international subjectivity of the Republic in cooperation with international friends and partners,” is written in the MFA response.

On Wednesday, the expert on international relations from the Group for Political Legal Studies (GLPS) Arber Fetahu told Telegrafi that this one-year moratorium should have been used by the government of Kosovo, respectively the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to compile strategies, plans, to dynamize Kosovo’s foreign service around the world, and to be ready for official lobbying, for membership in international organizations and application for membership in them as well as to seek recognition from other countries, to deepen cooperation with recognizing countries and those who have a volatile attitude towards Kosovo.

The sixteen-point document in two versions, one for the Kosovar side and one for the Serbian side, was signed on 04.09.2020, at the White House, in the presence of former U.S. President Donald Trump, by former Kosovo Prime Minister Abdullah Hoti and the current president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.