CEC announces results of 2021 Local Elections in Kosovo

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has announced the final results of Kosovo’s local elections, held on October 17 in all 38 municipalities, to elect mayors and municipal councils.

The three political parties that received the most votes are as follows:

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) – 170.177 votes

Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) – 167.519 votes

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) – 161.283 votes

The race was tightest amongst mail-in votes coming in from the diaspora, where the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) went head-to-head with the Vetevendosje Movement (LVV). Based on the conclusive data, 21 municipalities will be heading to runoffs, because their candidates weren’t able to acquire the necessary number of votes, required to pass the first round of voting. LVV will be heading to runoffs in 12 municipalities, LDK in 9 municipalities, PDK in 8, and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) in 5 municipalities.

According to the Local Elections Law, the second round of voting between the two most voted candidates should be held on Sunday, November 14 – exactly 4 weeks after the first round.

Local elections were held on October 17. CEC had certified 89 political subjects to participate in the elections, of which 32 political parties, 1 collation, 33 civil initiatives, and 23 independent candidates.