Bugajski: Kosovo-Serbia agreement only with mutual recognition

Janusz Bugajski from the US-based Center for European Policy Analysis said that there can be no final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia for as long as Serbia fails to “recognize the reality that Kosovo is an independent country.”

He warned that the Association of Serb-majority municipalities could become a “Republika Srpska” if it takes on executive powers.

“The EU has become a weak international player with no cohesion or momentum, and the U.S. is hampered by the more urgent international crises. Unfortunately, as in all such disputes, international attention is focused only when there is an imminent risk of violence,” he said for Kosovo Online.

On the Association of Serb-majority municipalities issue, Bugajski said the best solution would be to undertake an administrative decentralization “whereby local authorities would have greater control over culture, economy, education, services… but this arrangement should be based on geography, not ethnicity. Every ethnic group would also have to have a range of group rights to protect language, culture, religion and their identity.”