PDK mentions new elections as way out of parliamentary stalemate

Abelard Tahiri, head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) parliamentary group, mentioned today the possibility of early parliamentary elections as a way out of the parliamentary stalemate.

“The parliamentary stalemate would be best solved with early elections. As we have entered consequent crises in the Assembly and seeing that the majority is in deep crisis. After November 14, we see that they no longer have the will to govern, or to be present in the Assembly. You have seen that government ministers and MPs are absent,” Tahiri said after the Assembly Presidency failed to hold a meeting today. 
Tahiri argued that the majority should either govern return the mandate to the people. “In reality, they are abstaining; everything in the country is blocked. We call on this majority to govern and to be more responsible with the mandate they were trusted,” he added.