Abdixhiku: I am trying for a great comeback of the LDK

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader Lumir Abdixhiku said in an interview with Klan on Tuesday that whoever in the LDK suffers a big defeat in the elections they are removed from the party’s leadership.

Asked if he would leave the LDK if he loses next elections, Abdixhiku said he does not know defeat is an option and that he is doing his best for the LDK’s comeback as a winning party.
“I am trying to bring back the LDK. Victory is my option, defeat is not. I will do everything I can for a great comeback of the LDK. It may take some time. We suffered bad results on February 14. And then we recovered on November 14. We will continue our efforts. The process is long but there is a standard in the LDK that has been set by others and that is that those who suffer bad results are removed and others come in,” Abdixhiku said.
Asked to comment on the Open Balkan initiative, Abdixhiku said it is a political and not an economic project. He said that if Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s borders, then Kosovo would not have a problem with joining the initiative.