Energy sector experiencing one of major challenges in last 20 yrs

Kosovo Energy Distribution Services (KEDS) issued a statement concerning the current power supply situation in Kosovo saying that while it understands the protest held yesterday against power cuts, "the energy sector in Kosovo is experiencing one of the greatest challenges since the end of the war" and that it sympathizes with all affected by recent measures.

"This year we are facing a global crisis of price increase, the enormous increase in consumption, and production drop. These factors affect the entire electricity system," KEDS said.
It added that the company has managed to maintain a system free of restrictions in the past years which, KEDS noted, shows that the privatization was successful. "We have invested almost 200 million euros and our overall operation at present is much more efficient. These investments have tangibly increased the quality of services for the citizens and businesses across Kosovo."
KEDS said it is time for all energy to be channeled on overcoming this situation, "through concrete actions", and not spend it on "attacks that undermine the credibility of the company inside and outside the country and deny the company's progress throughout the years."