Gashi: We will stop increase of energy price with resolution

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) has criticized the majority, due to the lack of support to include as a matter of urgency a parliamentary debate on raising electricity prices during today`s parliamentary session.

The head of the LDK parliamentary group Arben Gashi said that Vetevendosje Movement refused through a vote to discuss this issue.

"Today, the Assembly, more precisely LVV, refused with a vote in the assembly to debate the energy crisis. We supported the PDK to discuss electricity. The LVV prevented the Assembly from debating and offering solutions. In addition to the inability, they confirmed the unwillingness to deal with electricity. What is being noticed as a problem is that from today, KEK produces 1000 megawatts of energy and gives it for 30 euros to KEDS, as a distributor, and it will be billed to the citizens for 222 euros per megawatt. Citizens will pay a higher price of energy than other European countries. It is intolerable, and we will try to hold a session and propose a resolution not to increase the price of electricity," he said.

“Prime Minister Kurti can blame governments, as we had the cheapest energy because it was some 6 cents or so, and today it has risen to 22 cents. He is getting it for 30 euros per megawatt and KEDS is selling it to the citizens for 22.4 cents. We will propose the reservation of long-term quotas. It is a comprehensive plan that must be implemented. They are ignorant and disorganized to govern the country," Gashi said.