Konjufca: Kosovo has nothing more to give to Vucic

Kosovo Assembly Speaker Glauk Konjufca said that dialogue with Serbia is necessary but also that Kosovo made it known to the international community that it is not ready to make compromises that lead to the creation of mechanisms that would `sink` it.

Konjufca spoke about the Serbian List's inclusion in the Government of Kosovo. He said that for the first time the Vetevendosje Movement has managed to reduce Serbia's influence without undermining the Constitution. About Goran Rakic, leader of the Serbian List and minister in the Government of Kosovo, Konjufca said: "There is nothing that can be done about him. The Constitution says you need to have the votes of the Serb community and you cannot choose who, the Serbs do."
"The association with executive powers would Bosnianise Kosovo," he said in a debate with political commentators aired on RTV Dukagjini. "Kosovo has nothing more to give to Vucic. We are continuing the dialogue to convince everyone that the Serb people live in line with requests for a comfortable life in Kosovo but the Serb people are not being left in peace by Vucic."
On the gas pipeline project, Konjufca said he didn't think Kosovo has refused it. "The chances are very high that the project will be realized. The project has been temporarily sidelined due to cost-related calculations. If the project had more subsidies from the international factor I think the government would have no dilemma. So we have no geopolitical dilemma. It is the cost of it that is overwhelming."
With regards to the energy crisis and the announcements that the electricity price will increase, Konjufca said the has sure the Government and the Energy Regulatory Office will find a "golden middle". "The government has considered that consumption has not been entirely in line with the needs but sometimes went beyond that. To install that discipline and rationalization of the electricity use, the government has supported it not directly, but through subsidies," he said.