The Assembly approves five international agreements

The Assembly of Kosovo, with 80 votes in favor, has approved the amendment and the Draft Law on the ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Embassy of the United States of America and the Ministry of Education for the Fulbright academic exchange program.

With 80 votes in favor, the Assembly approved the draft law on ratification of the agreement between Kosovo and the Republic of Northern Macedonia on the status of participation of the Kosovo Security Forces and the Army of Northern Macedonia during their temporary stay in the territory of the respective states.
The highest legislative body has approved the third international agreement with 87 votes for the draft law on ratification of the agreement between Kosovo and the International Development Association regarding the financing of the program, promotion, and advancement of opportunities for water security.
Also, the MPs of the Assembly of Kosovo have approved an amendment and the draft law on ratification of the international agreement between the European Union and Kosovo on Kosovo's participation in the Horizon Europe program, the framework of the research and innovation program.
After many discussions, the fifth international agreement for Kosovo's participation in the EU program called "Creative Europe 2021-2027" was approved.
The Assembly will continue with a session at 14:30 for the election of two members of the Kosovo Judicial Council.