Syla: Kosovo Army soon will get its first helicopters

Kosovo Deputy Minister of Defence Shemsi Syla said that Kosovo’s Army will soon get its first helicopters adding that the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) continues working in increasing its capacities by recruiting new members. Syla said that 820 recruits will join the KSF this year.

Deputy Minister Syla during a debate organized by NGO FOL said all young men and women in Kosovo must defend their country. He said that to respond to current security threats military service must become mandatory. “Soon we will be equipped with helicopters. Last year, we have recruited 400 cadets and fulfilled ranks based on the capacities the KSF has. Whereas this year we will accept additional 820 recruits,” Syla said. He said the  KSF cadets will be prepared for a professional army and its members can undergo various courses organized locally and by armies of friendly countries. 
He said the KSF with its current capacities has performed successfully in several operations inside and abroad. According to Syla the KSF helped to shelter Afghan refugees who were fleeing the Taliban and helped citizens of Kosovo living in remote areas get vaccinated.