LDK does not exclude protests against increase of electricity price

The MP of the Democratic League of Kosovo Armend Zemaj has stated that they will use all democratic mechanisms to oppose the increase in electricity prices.

He said that in a poor country like Kosovo you have to be very ignorant to propose an increase in the price of energy.
Zemaj said that the situation is chaotic, both in the social and economic part, but also in public health. “The pandemic brings to the surface many certain problems, but this has been aggravated by the irresponsibility of this government,” he said speaking further about the enormous increase in basic prices in food and other basic things and now the tendency to increase the price of electricity.
He further announced at a press conference that they will use all mechanisms, including protests, to oppose the rise in electricity prices.
"We will consult with everyone, but also with the citizens who are directly affected by the incompetence of this government. We will see other forms of prevention, such as protests, as one of the democratic forms," ​​he said.
Currently, the Social Democratic Party has announced a protest on January 29, while another protest on social media has been invited for January 26. Both are against the rise in electricity prices.