Kurti: Life and health of people has priority in our decisions

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in his address in the Assembly today, said that his “top priority is to protect the health of our people with all means available to the government. The life and health of our people have priority in all our decisions”.

Kurti said that the Omicron variant is spreading easier and faster compared to other variants of the virus and that a person infected with Omicron is infecting another four people on average.

Responding to criticism from the opposition about the latest restrictive measures, Kurti said: “the anti-COVID measures did not fall from the sky, but are a result of a carefully managed process … We are a government that does not take hasty decisions for the sake of political points, but rather a government that is ready to make even difficult decisions that are for the good of the people. We are aware of the impact that the restrictive measures may have on the economic, cultural and social life”.

“Despite a large number of vaccinated people, this does not offer us safety for the coming days and months. Regardless of the restrictive measures we may introduce, the exponential growth of cases at least for another period is going to be inevitable,” Kurti said.