Aliu in Presheva: Belgrade can stop us, but we will continue to insist

The Serbian authorities have allowed the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Liburn Ali to pay an official visit to Presheva.

However, Aliu in a joint conference with the mayor of Presheva, Ardita Sinani said that Belgrade can set obstacles but that they will constantly make requests to visit the municipalities of Presheva, Bujanoc, and Medvegja.
"We will constantly make requests to visit Presheva. Authorities in Belgrade may stop us, but we will constantly insist, so if they rejected this request now that I came, I would make another request a little later, so I will not hesitate to make requests to come and visit Presheva, the same as other ministers. On November 28 we planned to bring four ministers, now I came alone but we will probably be together again, in other visits,” he said.
Aliu stated that in addition to the personal obligation, the government of Kosovo also must look after the rights and well-being of Albanians living in Presheva, Bujanoc, and Medvegja.
The Minister stressed that the government of Kosovo must raise the issue of the rights of the citizens of the Valley in the negotiations with Serbia, taking into account the principles of reciprocity.