PDK will not participate, LDK, AAK support Saturday’s protest

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will protest on Saturday against the increase in electricity prices.

The leader of PSD Dardan Molliqaj in an address to the media said that the protest will be peaceful, but that actions are expected against ERO's proposal for higher electricity prices.
"Tomorrow we invite every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, political parties, and government organizations because we are convinced that a large number of citizens will reverse the decision of ERO. The protest is peaceful, but we will also have symbolic actions that will express the revolt of the citizens against this proposal of ERO," Molliqaj said.
He explained that he also met with representatives of political parties to get support for the protest.
According to him, PDK, LDK, and AAK have stated that they will support the protest, but except for PDK which has stated that they will not participate, there is no information if the other political parties will be present in the protest.
"I met with Lumir Abdixhiku, Vlora Citaku and Ramush Haradinaj. Haradinaj has stated that he will support the protest, while the LDK has said the same that it agrees with our demands. PDK has said that there are reasons to protest but that it will not participate," Molliqaj said.
On Thursday, the leader of PDK, Memli Krasniqi confirmed that they support the protest, but that PDK will not participate in the protest.