Details of the contract Real Madrid have prepared for Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid has been working behind the scenes for a dream transfer window. It hasn’t gone exactly to plan as the club seems to be more and more pessimistic about Erling Haaland after each passing report.

But, they still have Mbappe to look forward to and are confident the deal will be completed sooner rather than later.

Signing Mbappe would help the club out a lot. It’ll take the load off of Benzema's shoulders, both to score and create since Mbappe has now become a fantastic chance creator for his teammates as well. 

According to the latest from Gianluca DiMarzio, the contract has still yet to be signed, but the club is very, very confident to pull it off this time around.

He has also talked about the details of the contract.

Kylian Mbappe will reportedly get a 100 million signing bonus at Real Madrid

For any of those that may be thinking why Mbappe would turn down PSG if they’re offering him so much money, look, A) Obviously, it’s not all about the money, and B) Real Madrid isn’t broke! They’re offering a lot of money when you think about it.

A 100 million signing bonus is something I have never even heard of. It’s a big amount even for a club as big as Madrid.

Apart from that, Real Madrid is offering Mbappe a 50 million euros salary (25 million net) and a five-year contract. PSG hasn’t given up, though. They are still trying to keep him around, but I doubt that’ll happen.

The club, according to the report, actually tried to do this deal Cristiano-Ronaldo-style. In 2008, Real Madrid closed the deal with Cristiano Ronaldo regarding his transfer, a full year before the transfer took place.

They provided for the future transfer fee for Manchester United, and also added a penalty of 30 million euros for both Real and Ronaldo if either party pulls out of the deal in the next year. They tried this with Mbappe, but it didn’t work.

Mbappe will probably end up signing for Real Madrid as soon as the season ends, and it will start a new era at the club. An era with Benzema and Mbappe – two of the three players on the planet– at the helm.