About 50m euros to be allocated as subsidies for farmers

About 50m Euros are to be allocated to subsidies for farmers this year. Despite the Ministry of Agricuture`s announcement that the call for applications would take place in March, this has not happened yet.

This ministry has not indicated when the announcement of the call would take place, while representatives of farmers and experts in this field say that the support for farmers should not be delayed.

The Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci, together with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, announced on March 9 that this year about 50 million euros in subsidies will be allocated to farmers. On the same day was announced the increase in subsidies for various crops and agricultural activities was. The largest increase was said to reach 216 percent, to subsidize one hectare of wheat from 150 to 474 euros. At the press conference, Minister Peci had said that the call for applications for subsidies would be opened in March.


Such a thing has not happened yet, and this is worrying the farmers.

Radio Kosova has approached the Ministry of Agriculture and asked why was the publication of the call for applications delayed and when was this going to happen.  However, the ministry has chosen to remain silent and give no answers for a couple of days.

The chairman of the Farmers' Union Federation, Tahir Tahiri, asks that the ministry not be further delayed in announcing the call for applications.

"The Ministry of Agriculture should announce the call for applications as soon as possible, to get the subsidies paid as soon as possible. This would have been a great help to the farmers.  They should act faster in announcing the call for applications so that farmers could receive their payments in the shortest possible period,” he says.

Timely support of farmers is of particular importance, says university professor of agriculture, Imer Rusinovci, adding that farmers should have as many benefits as possible to increase production.

"The government must treat agriculture with the treatment it deserves. We must provide as many benefits as possible to farmers so that they can increase production and quality, as the country continues to be characterized by insufficient local agricultural production. Thus, we would reduce the staggering imports we have for crops in general and strategic ones in particular," he said.

At the same time,  the Walnut and Hazelnut Association has requested the announcement of the call for applications for subsidies.

"Delays in publishing the call and making payments endanger the agricultural season, as the main work in agriculture is done in early spring, so any delay in payments by institutions, negatively affects the progress of works," said the association in a statement.