What did Chancellor Scholz tell RTK?

The Prime Minister of the country, Albin Kurti paid a visit to Germany on Wednesday, where he met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The latter also met yesterday with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, in an attempt to advance the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Kurti and Chancellor Scholz held a press conference which was attended by an RTK crew.

The Chancellor's Office has published the full official transcript of this conference.

Asked by the Kosovo public broadcaster about his statement on a comprehensive agreement in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and whether Scholz thinks that the meeting between Kurti, Vucic, and Lajcak would contribute to reaching this agreement and what specific role it would Germany play in this case, followed  Chancellor Scholz's response.

"Thank you very much for the question and the opportunity to go deeper into what we think. I am very eager to help the countries of the Western Balkans, which are not yet part of the European Union, have the opportunity to become part of the bloc very soon," Scholz said, according to an official transcript.

"An essential precondition for this and also for peace in the Balkans is certainly the understanding between Serbia and Kosovo; necessary".

"Of course, this will only work if there is a concrete agreement that the two countries can reach with each other, covering a lot of details," Scholz was quoted as saying.

"But it certainly includes in the end what Germany has done long ago, namely the recognition of Kosovo," Scholz was quoted as saying in the official transcript of the Federal Chancellery.

"That's why we're happy to help these conversations take place, and we're also happy to help create a framework for them to happen; because we are not arbitrators who then right judge, but we are someone who must make it possible for the leadership,  the heads of governments must show to lead to agreement and practical consequences, and that is what it's all about. I have the impression that there is a great will to make progress now."

Scholz added that it is why it is so important that, in addition to the willingness to always provide the framework, to talk to everyone and move things forward.

"One is the revival of the Berlin Process, which has made a great contribution to cooperation in the Balkans and which we want to promote. The second, of course, is the issue of membership in the European Union, which I have already talked about."

He said that from his point of view, this is something that everyone knows for sure.

"This is a realistic prospect now. Given this, it is worthwhile to make decisions and reach an understanding," Chancellor Scholz's response to RTK was quoted in an official transcript.