Who could be investigated by the two Assembly Committees on Energy ?

The establishment by the Assembly of Kosovo of two investigative committees for electricity, one proposed by the ruling party and the other by the opposition, is expected to pave the way for revealing many problems that the energy sector in the country has faced for over in the past 15 years.

Kosovo ranks among the top coal reserves, but since the war has failed to create a stable electricity supply.

Although there have been several attempts to build a new power plant, due to many problems, criticisms from environmentalists, and various lobbyists, the PP project has remained only on paper.

Kosovo's two power plants, which are now in operation, 'Kosova A' and 'Kosova B', with their units have not managed to meet 100% of the needs of Kosovars for a stable supply of electricity.

The two committees established by the Assembly of Kosovo, if they can highlight the problems that Kosovo has had, will start working from the time of the former UNMIK, in 2006, which was a time of talks for the leadership of Kosovo and preparations for Kosovo's status.

Almost all political parties since 2006 have been part of governments in Kosovo. Although Lëvizja Vetëvendosje has been leading the government for a short time, its individuals have been part of previous governments.

Within the investigative committees established by the Assembly of Kosovo, there will be many persons who are part of the energy system of Kosovo, such as ERO, KEK, KOSTT, KEDS, etc.

The Energy Committee of Inquiry was initiated by the Vetëvendosje Movement, the timelapse for the investigation will be from 2006 when Kosovo was headed by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG).

As of 2006, the two Energy Inquiry Committees voted on the proposal of the ruling party, would investigate some of these persons or others: Ethem Çeku, Pranvera Dobruna, Remzi Shahini, Nagip Krasniqi, Fadil Ismajli, Justina Shiroka - Pula, Blerand Stavileci, Valdrin Lluka, Besim Beqaj, Blerim Kuqi, Artane Rizvanolli, Arben Gjukaj, Njazi Thaçi, Luigj Imeri, Berat Rukiqi, and others.

All of them have been in charge of departments that have had to do with energy.

An investigation that will take more time has to do with the sale of electricity distribution as well as the sale of hydropower plants, for which there has been more debate.

The committee will work with Besim Beqaj, former chairman of the Government Privatization Committee, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Nenad Rasic, Dardan Gashi, Lorik Fejzullahu.

The problem of selling the distribution has often been the "apple of discord", between the VV and the opposition which at the time of its sale was in governance.