Unions today on a one-hour strike

Today in all institutions of Kosovo, the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo organizes a one-hour strike.

Through this strike, the unionists ask that the Government of Kosovo meets their demands for the allocation of 100 euros per month for all public sector workers until the adoption of the Law on Wages, otherwise, they warn that after May 20 they will be forced to go on general strike until their demands are met.

"But if the proper social dialogue is not acted upon and offered by the social partner - the Government, then on May 20, 2022, a comprehensive protest will be held, which precedes a general strike at the national level," says Atdhe Hykolli, chairman of the BSPK.

The chairman of SBASHK, Rrahman Jasharaj, will closely follow the course of the one-hour strike in the "Asim Vokshi" School.

Among the main demands of the trade unionists, teachers but also public sector workers, there is a demand for additional 100 euros in salaries until the adoption of the Law on Wages.

Days ago, in Prishtina, the BSPK also organized a protest with the same demands.