Kosovo to be connected to region by railway

Kosovo will be connected to the countries of the region by railway, and this is very important for the transport of goods and passengers for our country.

This is what the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, Liburn Aliu,  said today in a joint press conference with representatives from the EU and the Secretariat of the Transport Community. The main topic of the press conference was the progress of general rehabilitation and modernization of the railway line.

Aliu noted that they were paying a visit to the manufactory in the village of Miradi, to monitor closely the ongoing works next to the railway that connects to Hani I Elezit.

"We are in  Miradi I Epërme of Fushë-Kosovë today, close to the railway that connects to Hani I Elezit, which is the first part of the project that connects Hani I Elezit with Leshak. We have come to visit the manufactory of this project which is of great importance for the rehabilitation of railway lines ", said Aliu.

He said that the project is in the completion phase from Fushë Kosova to Mitrovica and that these projects will be covered with a preliminary design.

"Modernization means signaling projects. These projects are also important for the internal commute. The development of the port of Durrës will turn this transport into goods. Kosovo will be connected to the region and the free movement of goods and passengers on all sides",  Aliu said among other things.

He also indicated forthcoming projects with the EU.

"Tomorrow we have important ministerial meetings of the Balkan countries with the ministers’ presence. It is the first project that has to do with the modernization of railway lines", said Aliu.

Meanwhile, the EU representative, Matia Zakonchek spoke about the importance of the railway line and the connection between Macedonia and the EU.