Osmani talks about challenges in energy and environmental sectors

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani participated in the discussions organized by the Balkan Network for Investigative Journalism (BIRN) - "Days of Green Energy 2022".

"Excess of particulate matter, high respiratory diseases, dusty public spaces, and urban chaos are the result of negligence in environmental protection and the result of wrong and long-standing policies in the energy sector and environment," Osmani said.
Osmani also spoke about the situation of power plants in Kosovo and the situation created by the rise in energy prices. "As a result of the demolition of obsolete power plants, the country was forced to orient itself towards imports and along with the import of electricity, high prices were imported," Osmani said.

She said further that while Europe must find the right balance to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, the challenges in Kosovo and the whole region remain serious. Osmani said that work is being done to implement the green agenda in Kosovo.

"The task is to orient you towards imports and together with the import of electricity, high prices were also imported," Osmani said. “I strongly believe in the green agenda, and we will work to make it happen in our country. I am here today to convey the message that even though the present may seem challenging, the future must be clear, the future is green”.