Kurti: To normalize relations - Serbia needs to change

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti gave an interview to the Albanian service of the Voice of America where he spoke about his visit to the United States and that he was conveying the message in his meetings that "Kosovo is a suitable country for investments as it has a democratic governance" and has the potential of becoming a type of Estonia in south-east Europe in the information technology field.

On the issue of normalization of relations with Serbia, Kurti said that the United States President Joe Biden worded the issue very well in stating that full normalization of relations should be achieved through a legally binding agreement centered on mutual recognition.

"I am ready for mutual recognition, Serbia is not and no instance of the independent state of Kosovo is to blame for the fact we have no desired success in dialogue with Serbia. Kosovo is an independent and sovereign country, its being is not problematic. Relations with Serbia are not normal, we want to normalize them, but to do so Serbia needs to change," Kurti said.

"For as long as Serbia says that we will never recognize you and its president says that Recak is not a real event, namely the massacre of 15 January 1999, then this is where the problem is that we do not have such an agreement yet lies. We are willing, constructive, committed, and creative. We gave our proposals for a declaration of peace not to attack each other, then for reciprocity of rights, but they were rejected by Serbia which in turn did not give any idea."
Asked about the Association of Serb-majority municipalities, Kurti said that the Constitutional Court of Kosovo concluded there can be an association of municipalities but not one formed on an ethnic basis.