KSF has 257 more soldiers, as of today

President Vjosa Osmani said that Kosovo Army is increasing its ranks with girls and boys and the dream of whole generations is being realized who, in addition to the state, also wanted to have an army, which is in functions for the defense of the country, and in the function of defense of territorial integrity in every corner of Kosovo.

She said that just as the KLA girls and boys, carried the ideal of freedom on their shoulders, now the KSF holds the ideal of protecting territorial integrity.

According to her, the growth of the KSF is a guarantee for Kosovo.

At the swearing-in ceremony of the new KSF cadets, held at the barracks in Ferizaj, the president also spoke about Russian aggression against Ukraine.

She said that work will be done to grow the Kosovo army, and join NATO.

"Kosovo's target is NATO and the European Union," she said.

Whereas the Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, said that without the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Kosovo could not be where it is now.

He said that the lifelong commander of the Kosovo Army is the Legendary Commander, Adem Jashari.

"As of today our country has 257 more soldiers, 257 freedom fighters and your responsibilities from today will be increased even more. Being a soldier of Kosovo is a great responsibility, but also an honor and pride", said Minister Mehaj.

"When we look where we came from, we see the KLA, when we look where we want to be, we see NATO. We are daughters of Kosovo, fighters, and heroes. We love freedom and the homeland more than ourselves, so we serve our homeland for our whole life ".

While the commander of the doctrine, Irfete Spahiu, mentioned in her speech the various challenges that the 257 recruits faced for 9 weeks.