Jasharaj: Do not stay in America, speak the truth

Large numbers of workers from various public sectors are quietly protesting in front of the Government of Kosovo. They demand a salary increase of 100 Euros and active participation in the drafting of the Law on Wages.

SBASHK Chairman, Rrahman Jasharaj in his speech addressing the protesters said that it was “a shame that the heads of state are going to the US and other countries and not dealing with Kosovo employees' needs.”

 "The government today sees that it is not Atdhe Hykolli speaking, neither Rrahman Jashari, nor Sali Gashi, but the Kosovo employees”, said SBASHK chairman in his speech.

Addressing the Government, he said that these are its people and that all eyes are on them.

"It is a shame to stay in shade, in America and elsewhere, and not come out here and tell the truth in front of these people."

He warned of further trade union actions if the demands of the unions are not met, and added that they are demanding a wage law that is drafted with the involvement of representatives of trade unions.

"We want the law on salaries, not a law that is drafted by someone else, but a law that we also work on."

According to him, the only solution to the problems would be a strike or talks with the Government.