Hill: Kosovo and Serbia are neighboring countries

The U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade, Christopher Hill, has stated that this is the moment when Serbia has only one path: the West and the European Union (EU). He also said Ukraine and Kosovo are two completely different situations.

"Unlike in the past, when in Serbia it was thought that there is a third way, that the country is neither East nor West, that it is somewhat special, that it goes its way, now most Serbs think that there is a way right and wrong, and they want to choose the right path," Hill told Belgrade-based Politika.
He said that Serbia must decide whether it wants to have "a self-sufficient army and buy weapons from different countries or join the collective defense".  “Serbs have to decide on this and I think they have decided that their future should be in the West and not in an undefined East. I say all this based on what I hear from people every day.”
"When it comes to Kosovo and Serbia, they are neighbors. Serbs live in Kosovo and there are many things in Kosovo that are important to Serbia. Neighbors need to resolve this. " Hill said the right way is dialogue and EU-mediated negotiations in Brussels," Hill said.