Chief State Prosecutor not decreed yet

The President of Kosovo has not yet decreed the new Chief State Prosecutor, RTKlive reports. It quotes the President`s Office saying that it is not delaying the process but handling this issue carefully.

On April 8, the Office of the President received from the Prosecutorial Council the proposal for the appointment of Blerim Isufaj as the Chief State Prosecutor and started the analysis of the facts and circumstances related to this process.

Bekim Kupina, the media adviser of the President, told RTK that the president and her team of legal advisers and experts met with representatives of NGOs to be informed about the process of selecting the new chief prosecutor.

According to Kupina, one of the candidates has complained to the Constitutional Court, and the Office of the President is following the developments.

“There is no legal deadline set by the legislation in force regarding the decree of the Chief Prosecutor, therefore it is not a matter of delaying but of careful handling of this issue.”

Meanwhile, NGOs that have monitored the process say that the Prosecutorial Council has failed to ensure an independent, impartial, and merit-based process. Also, ambassadors of the U.S., Great Britain, and Germany as well as the head of the European Union Office said that they were disappointed with the process.