Montenegro to join the "Open Balkans"?

The Open Balkans Initiative currently consists of three countries, out of six in the Western Balkans. However, a fourth state may join the initiative.

The announcement comes from Tirana, respectively Taulant Balla, head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party.

"There is no doubt that in the coming weeks, another country will join the Open Balkans", said Balla today in the Albanian Parliament, reports RTKlive.

Currently, the "Open Balkans" consists only of Albania, Serbia, and Northern Macedonia, but it is rejected by Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Balla did not specify which country might join the initiative, but given recent statements by Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, who said cooperation is in the best interest of the region, it could be alluded to that it is about this state.

“The Open Balkans is in line with the Berlin Process. The problem is that people in the Western Balkans try to dramatize everything," said Prime Minister Abazovic a few days ago, RTKlive reports.