KESCO: Energy Regulatory Office’s decision is not clear

The Kosovo Electricity Supply Company (KESCO) announced that it has received instructions from the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) on how to apply energy tariffs but that the decision is not clear.

“To avoid misunderstandings which could potentially affect the consumers, we have sought out clarifications from the ERO,” KESCO said, adding that regardless of developments in light of the court decision regarding the new tariffs, “we wish to assure consumers that they will not be damaged.”

At the same time, the chairman of the ERO Board, Ymer Fejzullahu, said that the decision of the Basic Court, confirmed by the Court of Appeals for suspending the decision on the new tariffs until a final verdict, is being implemented. On the issue of KESCO’s request for clarifications regarding the suspension of new tariffs, Fejzullahu said that KESCO should address the court.