Kosovo’s Ombudsperson: ERO’s decision on energy tariffs,discriminatory

Kosovo’s Ombudsperson published an opinion on the new energy tariffs and concluded that the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) decision contains elements of discrimination and unequal treatment of consumers. 

It said that different tariffs based on the level of electricity consumption are in contradiction with the Law on the Energy Regulator and notes further that “ERO’s decision to exclude consumers in northern Kosovo from the increase in electricity prices creates a situation of discrimination against the rest of consumers.” The Ombudsperson also stated that subsidizing between categories of customers at regulated prices places ERO in a discriminatory position whereas the decision for retroactive billing and the failure of its disclosure in the bill constitutes a violation of consumers’ right to be informed. 

The Ombudsperson advised that the discrimination seems as necessary that the whole process of determination of the tariff structure and the number of tariffs is returned to point zero and any future process, to be followed by the principles of ethnic or regional non-discrimination and consumer equality in the regulated market.