"No agreement, but Kosovo seen as constructive party in Brussels"

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, reports to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Assembly of Kosovo.

He reported on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.

As far as license plates are concerned, Bislimi said so far there is no agreement due to the unwillingness of the Serbian side. However, Bislimi added that as far as the energy agreement is concerned, the parties are close.

Bislimi also noted he has been very transparent about the process adding that he had reported to the Assembly 12 times.

He said that the ideal thing should have been that an agreement with Serbia was reached in 2013 or 2014.

"At that time, technical talks began. This was because it was considered that the decision of the International Court of Justice had given its verdict that the declaration of Kosovo's independence does not violate international law", Bislimi told the Committee.

 "However, the dialogue has deviated on political issues."

According to Kosovo’s Deputy PM,   now is the time to put pressure on the Serbian side, to reach an agreement.

Regarding visa liberalization, Bislimi said that June 23 is the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

"But we will not speculate on when the liberalization will take place because it does not depend on us."

He said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla is meeting with ambassadors in Vienna, while the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla was in Paris to guarantee and avoid any doubt about the quality of fighting crime in Kosovo that France can have.

"But do not ask us for dates because we are fulfilling our obligations and it depends on the member states."

Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi also said that there are many positive assessments on Kosovo from official Brussels, even though Kosovo, due to its relations with the EU, is not obliged to respect and harmonize its policy with that of the EU.