"The Hole"-14 arrested, 1 million euros of heroin confiscated

About 70 kg of heroin-type narcotics were seized during Monday`s action of Kosovo’s Police and Customs in the region of Ferizaj, codenamed "The Hole".

14 suspects have been arrested, while another is on the run.

 "After several months of investigation and after the application of secret technical measures of investigation and surveillance, raids were carried out in 7 different locations in Ferizaj and Shterpce", said Shukri Jashari, Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj.

"During the search, 67.5 kg of synthetic narcotic Caledon were found, which is the first type of these narcotics seized in the Republic of Kosovo."

According to Jashari, these narcotics were packed in a 500 grams packs, while the anti-drug unit is investigating another suspicious location.

"We expect to seize the other amount  hidden in the Ferizaj region soon.”

Meanwhile, the police stated that the seized drugs were not destined for Kosovo.

 "According to the information provided, the destination of this drug was aimed at the market outside Kosovo and the value of this drug exceeds at least 1 million euros, according to the local market," said Reshat Murseli, director of Anti-Drugs at the Kosovo Police.

 "Investigations will be expanded financially."

In this action, a large amount of money and other items related to the case were seized, while the detainees were sent to detention for 48 hours.