MPs suspect in KEK procurement process

During the review of the performance audit report “Procurement in the Kosovo Energy Corporation (2018-2020)”, the chairwoman of the Financial Supervision Commission Hykmete Bajrami, stressed that the findings of the auditor in KEK, are very worrying, as there are dozens of contracts signed with direct negotiation and lack of transparency.  

MP Bajrami said that 181.5 million euros were spent in that period, of which about 60 million euros with negotiated contracts, which caused more expensive choices.

The Chief Executive Officer of KEK Nagip Krasniqi did not deny the findings of the auditor but said that he does not take responsibility, since he came to the position in KEK in October 2021. He said that the negligence has influenced KEK to “sink” in these types of negotiated contracts.

Skender Haziri, Chairman of the KEK Board, said there is no complete information on procurement activities that have occurred in the period 2018-2020, but promised that the new Board will take measures to improve procurement in KEK.

“There has been mismanagement, there is room for improvement, some of them have started to improve from 2021. I assure you all the recommendations of the CAO will be implemented,” Haziri said.

PDK MP, Rashit Qalaj, assessed the procurement report in KEK as very bad and disturbing. According to him, the procurement process in KEK is questionable.

During the reporting, there was a verbal clash between PDK MP Hajdar Beqa and Halil Thaci from Vetevendosje Movement (LVV). Beqa said that Thaci had an impact on the last competition in KEK, while the LVV MP said that these are slanders.