Scholz`s office on messages that Chancellor will bring to the Balkans

Ahead of the European Council meeting on June 23rd and 24th, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is expected to visit the Western Balkans region, starting on June 10.

Chancellor Scholz's office recommends that to get an answer about his visit, one should now look at his speech in the Bundestag, on Thursday 19 May.

"The fact that there are no shortcuts on the road to the EU is also a fair requirement for the six countries in the Western Balkans," Scholz was quoted as saying.

In that speech, Scholz had spoken in clear sentences about the six countries of the Western Balkans. In his address to the German parliament, according to Chancellor Scholz's Office, the latter was quoted as saying that "for years these six countries have undertaken intensive reforms and are preparing for membership."

"Keeping promises to them is not just a matter of our credibility. Now more than ever, their integration is also in our strategic interest," Scholz told German lawmakers. "It's not just about the security of this region, where foreign powers are fighting for influence, not least Russia."
Scholz had said that - "it is about our security, which cannot be such without a stable European Western Balkans. Therefore, the EU must now give this to the Western Balkans."
Asked by RTK about the possibility for Scholz to visit Kosovo and the topics he might discuss, the Office of the German Chancellor, noted that the Chancellor’s statement of May 19 in the Bundestag should be taken into account. "And this is what I am committed to holding talks to make progress in the negotiations and also removing the last obstacles within the EU, reviving the so-called 'Berlin Process', which strengthens regional co-operation between the six countries of the Western Balkans, and traveling to the region before the European Council meeting in June, with a clear message that the Western Balkans belong to the European Union," Scholz said in the speech to the Bundestag.